Today's machinery is tomorrow's history...

The Bathurst Agricultural Museum (BAM) is located in Bathurst, Eastern Cape (20km from Port Alfred, 45km from Grahamstown).

It was started in 1970, by Geoff Palmer, and has grown from 30 items to over 1500, all donated.

Financial Donations

The Bathurst Agricultural Museum does not run on government funding, but rather funds earned by the museum itself through projects like the Bathurst Boys Birthday Suit Calender, the autobiography of the life of Geoff Palmer, and the membership fees. This is not a sufficient income for the museum, and so donations of a financial kind are more than welcomed, and will be put to good use building new storage areas for the masses of donated agricultural implements.

Collection Donations

The Bathurst Agricultural Museum is dedicated to the preservation of our South African Agrticultural Heritage. Any donations of agricultural equipment, implements or farm house house hold items are welcomed with open arms, and will be lovingly ensconced among the over 1500 other items currently residing at the museum.

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